Friday, October 26, 2007

I am Back! A Friday Thursday Thirteen!

I haven't been here forever but I do intend to keep up with this blog again. Working through "The Artist's Way" and not having my own laptop has really hampered my ability to keep up with all of my blogs and email. Blah, blah, blah... that and Facebook has kept me entertained but it just doesn't have space to truly write out my thoughts.

So, here are thirteen random thoughts or items swirling around my head:

1- One of my son's friends stole my ipod either that or I misplaced it. I am leaning toward the former though because I normally keep it with or in my car charger even when I bring it in the house and my car charger was full one day and empty the next. It really bums me out that it's gone.

2- My five year old daughter asked where babies came out and I explained it to her. She then proceeded to bawl her eyes out over the fact that it will hurt. She also cried about whether or not she would find someone to marry. She really caught me off guard because I've never had a child react that way to that information before. I assured her that everything would work out and be OK. And, that she has plenty of years between now and then.

3- "Cake", the band, is just about the best band to work to. Their music always makes me want to dance but I really need to seek out other songs by them because the ones I have stored on the computer I have overlistened to.

4- I love playing Scrabulous on Facebook.

5- I've decided I am not going to feel guilty spending time socializing with my friends on the computer because they are important to me and add dimension to my life. The computer is as valid a tool as any other to maintain friendship.

6- I'll be back to finish this later...