Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have such limited, limited internet access due to lack of laptop... OH Great Creator, please send me a laptop for Christmas! I promise, I'll use it for good! More blog posts, more writing, more listening to good music and of course, more Scrabulous!

I miss reading my friends blogs. I miss my online friends. Facebook is so surface it's just not the same. Flitting about on the edges of the internet like a mosquito near a flame is just not enough.

Also, writing on a laptop keeps up with the speed of my brain while writing on paper is like having a two second delay. There is no nanowrimo to be had at the pace of paper and pen. And, I have house guests... well, my Mom and sister have been visiting since the week after Halloween and I think they will be here well into January... it makes for full life. I enjoy it but writing doesn't much happen. And, finishing my studio hasn't happened yet either. We did win a "door hanging" at a service auction at our children's charter school recently, though, so I should have a door to my studio rather than a hole at some point... probably in the spring.

Having some of my kids in school has allowed me a certain freedom that I have never had before especially since the child I have at home is quite self sufficient in regard to learning and school. Learning self discipline in how I appropriate my time is of utmost importance to me right now. I want to learn how to balance the necessary evil of housecleaning with having time for the kids and Jeff, and having time to create artwork and write. I am a more relaxed person and thus, a better mother, I think.

Anyway, how are you? Is there even a "you" out there since I haven't updated here in so long? I miss all of "you"!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Work in Progress...

Tag walked further down the trail. It had been years since he had taken the time to explore the woods. Up until today, he had spent most of his timing swimming laps in the pool at the local college training for the Olympics. Some days he felt utterly alone and wanted to run as far away from the pool as possible. Other days he felt on top of the world as his body cut through the water at lightening fast speeds. Today was one of those in between days. One of those days where he could see the task set before him and imagine the victory yet at the same time mustering the enthusiasm to make the vision reality seemed an almost impossible task. His coach had suggested getting into nature to quiet his mind. Remembering how much he used to like hiking, he had taken his coaches suggestion. Walking didn't seem fast enough. Tag began to run. Over roots and through brush, he ran. He felt the wind rush over every pore of his skin and ran faster until he could run no longer and flopped down onto the ground leaning on a rotting stump. These woods had been here everyday beckoning to him since he had started his training but he had ignored their call, thinking he didn't have time for this sort of thing. Tag stretched his long legs out on the mossy earth and shut his eyes imagining that his body was melding into the earth becoming a part of the forest floor. Time seemed to slow down as every tiny sound pricked his ears and even the smallest breeze swayed the individual hairs on his legs. He could hear a whisper in the movement of the leaves calling to him. What was it saying? Something familiar. Something he'd heard before. Tag carefully opened his eyes in case there was someone nearby. Glancing around, he saw no human forms only the normal creatures of the forest... bunnies, butterflies, squirrels, birds. He closed his eyes again. The whispering was gone. Had he actually heard words or was he only imagining things? He turned the question over and over in his mind until the turning lulled him to sleep.
His mind's eye opened and he was in different woods. These were more ancient. The trees here towered together in dense bundles blocking most of the sunlight. Long muted tan vines hung from the trees covered with masses of tiny leaves. Unsure of which way to turn, Tag stood considering his options. Hearing a loud rustle of leaves coming from behind him, he quickly grabbed one of the vines and hoisted himself up to the first large branch of the closest tree. Peering over the edge of the branch, he spied two girls arguing.
"Lani, stop meeting him! He's mine and always has been!" screamed the first girl who tresses of golden hair whipped around as she yanked her older sister's hair.
"But, he likes me!" screamed the other girl standing her ground. "You may be his friend but I am his girlfriend!"
Just then, Tag fell out of the tree and landed right between the two arguing girls. Both girls kept on arguing as if he wasn't there.
"Hey!" Tag yelled to see if either would look but neither girl did. He stood up, waved his arms and screamed but the girls kept arguing as if he wasn't there.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Seven!

OK, so seven random facts so that I'll at least be making a blog post...

1) I love having teenagers... really, I do. They fascinate me and make me proud. Yes, a certain one was hard as a tween and early teen but his older years have been better. I am so thankful for change and for answered prayer. This son embodies the name he was given well. Seeing him perform as a centaur in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" this weekend brought tears to my eyes and not just because of his performance. Seeing what teens are capable of when empowered always blows my mind. A friend of his did the choreography for the wood nymphs and his girlfriend designed the makeup for all of the characters. As it turns out, I found out that the boy who played Aslan runs his own theater company in the summer and writes the plays that they perform. He's done it for three years and he is only a junior in highschool. Facts like this blow my mind. And, he attends public school breaking thus breaking the myth that only homeschooled children have time to follow their passions.

2) I can take my time writing a story. Right now I am figuring out the main conflict overarching my entire story and it's scary and exciting at the same time. I keep encountering cliches but am beginning to believe that every story is a cliche to some extent and that what is most important is how you tell the story.

3) Volunteering at the charter school has given a huge boost to my confidence. I am able to contribute in artistic ways and actually am treated like an equal in a way due to my art degree. I am enjoying having the interaction with the teachers and sense a kindred spirit possibly in the sculpture teacher who attended the same college I did but graduated two years after me.

4) I love playing Scrabulous online with my far away friends.

5) It's never a good idea to discuss what to do when you are afraid of a dog with an 8 year old when the 8 year old is already a bit scared and your dog is in the room trying to sniff her and get in his place on the couch. Needless to say, she freaked out completely and we had to call her Mom. My dog would never bite anyone but I thought she should know in general that mean dogs will come after you if you run and act scared and that normally if you ignore them and stay still, they will go away. I was bit twice as a child. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

6) The Cure is playing a show in Philly in May and I want to go. I haven't seen them in probably 15 years.

7) Cake is also playing nearby in a few weeks. Amp and I are contemplating going. I am hesitant, though, since it is a couple hours away and would most likely require a hotel room. I'd love to hang out with Amp, though.