Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have such limited, limited internet access due to lack of laptop... OH Great Creator, please send me a laptop for Christmas! I promise, I'll use it for good! More blog posts, more writing, more listening to good music and of course, more Scrabulous!

I miss reading my friends blogs. I miss my online friends. Facebook is so surface it's just not the same. Flitting about on the edges of the internet like a mosquito near a flame is just not enough.

Also, writing on a laptop keeps up with the speed of my brain while writing on paper is like having a two second delay. There is no nanowrimo to be had at the pace of paper and pen. And, I have house guests... well, my Mom and sister have been visiting since the week after Halloween and I think they will be here well into January... it makes for full life. I enjoy it but writing doesn't much happen. And, finishing my studio hasn't happened yet either. We did win a "door hanging" at a service auction at our children's charter school recently, though, so I should have a door to my studio rather than a hole at some point... probably in the spring.

Having some of my kids in school has allowed me a certain freedom that I have never had before especially since the child I have at home is quite self sufficient in regard to learning and school. Learning self discipline in how I appropriate my time is of utmost importance to me right now. I want to learn how to balance the necessary evil of housecleaning with having time for the kids and Jeff, and having time to create artwork and write. I am a more relaxed person and thus, a better mother, I think.

Anyway, how are you? Is there even a "you" out there since I haven't updated here in so long? I miss all of "you"!


julieunplugged said...

I'm here and still scrabulousing. L:)

Dalissa 365 said...

Thanks my dear Julie!

d sinclair said...

I'm still here too!

hang in there - you never know what Santa will bring eh? Hope you aren't on the naughty list though.

(I am)

d xx