Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A New Year...

Perhaps I will officially start my new year at the start of the Chinese New Year. I am much calmer and balanced by that point than I am right after Christmas. So much of our family events are wrapped up in a 4 month span... we have two birthdays in December, one in January, two in March and two right at the beginning of April. (Really those three birthdays occur over a two week span) The photography business is crazy right up until Christmas and I've always felt the business is our 6th child. So, you see, I need the month of January to settle down and yet to also plan for the upcoming birthdays. I feel blessed each year that our Chinese American friend invites us to her family's annual Chinese New Year dinner. So, this year I think I will wait until then to ponder life. In the meantime, I do have a few goals I'd like to accomplish this year...

1) Figure out what i want to be when I grow up
2) Follow God's leading. I am constantly getting little messages and signs leading me down a path that I am unsure I want to travel but I am curious to see where that particular path leads me.
3) Extend grace to myself. I am who I am.
4) I'd like to write in this blog more regularly.
5) I'd like to do something creative each day and document it like the 365 blogs.
6) I think I might do a 365 blog of all Zach (Would that get boring?)

Things I am thankful for so far this year:
1) An extended visit with my older sister and her son right after Christmas.
2) Having a few good irl and online friends.
3) A hardworking husband who loves me
4) Five healthy children
5) Possibilities


Ampersand said...

Hey, re #1, please don't grow up! :)

These are worthy goals, and you have some great things on your thankful list. I especially agree with and endorse goal #3. I hear voices too. And I usually follow them. :) (This is not to diminish your hearing of God, just my admitted uncertainty as to who my *voices* are.)

And finally, oh yes!, please a Zach 365 blog!!!

Katrina365 said...

Great goals! You should definitely do #5. :)

julieunplugged said...

I like your list. I want to add "writing" to it as I think you should keep cultivating that gift.