Tuesday, February 12, 2008

American Idol and the Presidential Election

Thoughts regarding the election have occupied my mind and countless others over the past few months. I've watched youtube videos, did some reading and have even filled out a few of those "choose the right candidate" for me surveys. Of course, when I do the surveys I end up having unknown candidates pop up near the top with a Libertarian/Republican leaning. For the past year, I thought I'd throw my support behind Ron Paul because he just says a lot of things that represent true change. Some of his ideas are radical but if he had a chance, I'd vote for him because I think radical ideas are needed to get the congress as a whole to move toward changing laws in our country. But, ideas are only ideas and what has occupied my mind even more is which presidential candidate will fare the best in the international arena? Which candidate has the charisma and wisdom needed to be able to work as a team with other countries without neglecting US interests altogether? I personally don't think Clinton or McCain or Paul have that "wow" factor that make people listen to what you have to say or make you want to follow them. That same "it" factor that Simon mentions in regard to which contestant has the where with all to win American Idol. Barack Obama has it. He is also eloquent and seems to possess a certain amount of intelligence that has been lacking in other presidents. Perhaps having the "it" factor shouldn't be a deciding factor in choosing a presidential candidate but I think it may be what I base my vote on this time around.

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