Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm here, I'm back...

but experiencing major computer problems with all laptops in the house. Right now, I am using the kids Imac which means that I am resorting to drastic measures since I abhor sitting at a desk using a big ole computer when I have a nice small laptop. Currently, I have some reflections on Peaks Island that I'd like to post but I feel that I need to tweak them more before I do so. I really want to be able to share how I feel and when I write it down the second half falls flat, oh so very flat.

Life is a tremendous strain financially right now. Dear God, you say you help those bent beneath their loads so yet again, I ask you to help my husband! How many times does a person have to ask before there is an answer? That's what I really want to know and perhaps there is an answer and I am not seeing it. It's hard for me since I usually get literal responses from God.

Amp, I found out on someone elses blog that the language Rodrigo speaks is Portuguese. I knew it wasn't Spanish but I couldn't figure out what it was. I think I can thank Ianqui or someone for that new info. (Obviously, I am entertained by the mundane)

Do you ever get a phrase in your head, not a song, but a phrase of writing that just won't leave? Well, I have one. It's in the reflections I am writing of Peaks Island. The phrase is "shifting shades of blue". I think the alliteration of shifting shades is what is keeping it going around in circles. Anyhow, once I get everything out of my head and into words perhaps the phrase will leave as well.

blah blah blah.


Ampersand said...

sorry about the computer problems and financial strain...those two probably don't make for a very fun combination either.

I always smile when I *see* Rodrigo on other blogs. :)

looking forward to reading about the shifting shades of blue.

missed you!

Sandie said...

There are so many times when it seems we are leading almost parallel lives :) I will keep you guys in our prayers! Things will get better, for both of us. (((hugs)))

Susanne B. said...

I keep getting a phrase in my head about "digging her fingers through the soil." Some day it may become a poem -- who knows?

With you on the financial strain -- praying for you and you pray for us, k?