Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reflections of Peaks Island

My soul exhaled the further north I drove. How can it be the sky looks so different within a day's drive of my Pennsylvanian home? Sky and earth kiss on the horizon closing the expanse usually viewed from my spot on the planet. Is this why Maine is called "vacation land"?

Peaks Island, Maine is my unwell kept secret. Craggy rocks jut into this tamed portion of the Atlantic creating a natural jungle gym for children and adults alike. Shifting shades of blue grace the sea and sky gently persuading me to meditate and live in the moment, breathing in the glory of God and nature. Life abounds underfoot in every crevice and in the air. The path to the beach is laden with wild roses, sea grass, and the most unusual orange dandelions growing between the rocks leading to the sand.

A short paved road lined with faded summer cottages and year round Victorian homes weaves it's way slowly into the woods revealing my beloved rustic cabin, Lantern Lodge. Lantern Lodge with it's hundred year old history has lessons to teach sojourners who rest within it's walls and I am no exception. The simplicity of one pan to cook in, dishes handwashed, and beds made without the clutter of modern civilization impart a sense of peace that is not lost on me. My eyes were opened to a way of living that I knew existed but have never attained. Peaceful living means living with less objects, less modernization, and more natural exercise, more freedom.

Freedom to enjoy my family. Freedom to paint, draw and write. Freedom to inhale deeply.


Ampersand said...

just lovely. just lovely writing, too.

i particularly like the initial image of a soul exhaling.

musing said...

Beautiful post. I felt like I was on my own mini-vacation reading it. Thank you!