Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I <3 automated postal centers!

What has pulled me out of blog oblivion you ask???
Not friends, not glamour, not meaningful drivel but, but the Automated Postal Center.
Never before have I been so pleased to be in the post office. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of community and humans doing jobs but the APC it's just so right, so perfect, so ingenuous. Why has it taken this long to create a machine that could weigh, figure postage and print it out immediately and at all hours of the night? I walked into the post office today after running errands all day long only to find myself in an eight person deep line with maybe two employees working the front desk. Luckily, I peered to my right and spied the APC. It called my name. I looked around and realized that, yes, it was me the APC was beckoning. Who am I to ignore a formal invitation? I approached the machine and placed my package on the shiny silver scale and instantly a weight appeared on the screen and the APC asked me what I would like to do. Naturally, I proceeded and entered the zip code on the package and chose my shipping option. I slid my debit card into the machine and within seconds a neatly printed label popped out of my beloved APC and asked me if I wanted a receipt. I placed the label on my box, addressed it and put it in it's bin. Smiling, I left the post office and the line that had still barely moved an inch.


Ampersand said...

I heart that machine too. I used to be very intimate with it.

Since opening our store I have left it for another, our in-store postage meter and mail pick up.

Convenience is everything in a postage relationship.

Anonymous said...

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