Friday, June 15, 2007

Eccentricity, E-ccen-tri-city

Knee high suede boots with pompoms flap as she twirls in her patchwork mini-skirt and faux fur jacket. Not everyone puts clothes together in this combination, only my eccentric little girl. Or is she eccentric? I've seen other children dress as her when allowed, but those occasions are indeed rare. Perhaps we are born eccentric and society breeds the eccentricity out of most of us. "You're not walking out of the house looking that!", "That kind of behavior is not appropriate in public", "Don't scribble on the walls!". I wonder if each of us had been given more freedom as a child, would we be happier today? Would living room walls be covered with amazing works of art created by the owners? Would it be acceptable for a top executive to sport blue hair? Would creativity reign?

(This post is from the writing prompt posted at If the program I used had the easy link button I'd put one here... you can click on the link in my sidebar to visit the site and read more eccentric posts!)


colleen said...

I wonder if we're not all eccentric in one way or another.

lisrobbe said...

I think society does breed the eccentricity out of us. Some of the most eccentric people are children. I see it in my daughter on a daily basis.

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