Sunday, June 10, 2007


(photo by my dear 8 yo)

Is there a song that brings you to a place of peace within moments of it's first chords? Pink Floyd's, "Breathe", slows my heart almost instantaneously the moment the noises from the outside world at the beginning of the song die down and the true opening chords kick in. I close my eyes and exhale. I am no longer standing in the kitchen of a house on Main St. USA but am instead lying on the forest floor looking up at a canopy of dappled emerald sunshine.

Oh yeah.

(And, thanks to my friend Carrie who came up with the expression "dappled emerald sunshine" and said I could use it three years ago when I asked since I was completely enamored by the phrase... now, I have finally worked it in...)

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Ampersand said...

I can totally get that. I have songs that are like that for me too.

Excellent photo.