Friday, June 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5 (a day late)

Thirteen Movies That I Like Because of Their Cotton Candy Pop Culture Value (notice I said Cotton Candy!)

1- Better Off Dead- "Buck up little camper, suicide is not the answer" (an early Jon Cusack movie)

2- Sixteen Candles- all of the Jon Hughes movies really

3- Zoolander- Cracks me up just thinking about it... "Merman!"

4- Valley Girls (One of Nicholas Cage's first movies... he played a quirky "punk"... so hot!)

5- When Harry Met Sally (Meg Ryan at her best)

6- Fast Times at Ridgemont High (how everyone thinks people in highschool really act and it was never quite this bad- evah)

7- Singles (cameos by a couple of the different grunge bands of the early 90's that were so popular)


(I need to come back to this list...)


Jennifer said...

Thanks for dropping by for sunday scribblings. i've been seeing this 13 thursday alot lately. What is it? I want to try it out!

jeff said...

Singles? Cotton candy?