Saturday, April 14, 2007

Check Out This Artist!

The artist's name is Danny Mansmith and here is a link to his website
I'd describe him as a multi-media fiber artist. If you do visit his page be sure to read his story in the "about me" section. He encourages other artists to pick up whatever tools lying about or easily attained and start creating what you want to create without worrying if you are using the right tools. I find his outlook fresh, inviting and inspiring.

So often I feel stifled by lack of skills and lack of focus. I need to just start making things and I plan to do just that by this summer. I want to work in clay again but I may also dabble in other things. I do need to make money so I'll probably do handmade tile work and such.

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danny mansmith said...

howdy thanks so much for your interest in my work---we all need to keep findin fuel to help us keep on going---so i'm so humbled that you liked my thoughts---sendin you smiles ! danny