Tuesday, April 10, 2007


His Besame Mucho performance tonight CRACKED ME UP! Between the camera men and his "sultry" looks, I am sure every 10-14 yo girl in America was peeing her pants. Randy had it right... he definitely was the smartest contestant tonight.

I thought Blake played it pretty smart, too, and he sang well.

BTW, I much prefer Andrea Boccelli singing Besame Mucho.


Ampersand said...

LOL - dh and I were looking at each other and laughing at how almost credible Sanjaya sounded -- I guess we've all lowered the bar for him.

Not a standout night tho, at all. Ho hum. I'm a little tired of Melinda. She is the same every week. I am still fond of Lakisha, but some of the genres are not for her...

I do like Blake and even the boy-band Chris.

Sentient Marrow said...

Yeah, last night was actually quite boring. I agree with you about Melinda and Lakisha. I still wish Gina was around but last night probably would've been difficult for her. Hayley... "who wears short shorts?" is all I have to say. Do you remember that commercial?

Ampersand said...

Yeah, I do remember that commercial :).

And, forgot to say, I'm in total agreement about Andrea Bocelli's version over Sanjaya.