Sunday, April 15, 2007

Danny Mansmith (again)

Here is my favorite quote, so far, from his website:

"don't be so hard on yourself mistakes are good-i think they help use to see
it's so beautiful to see someone who has made something and didn't quite know what they were doing but did it anyway-when you can really see the fire was under their feet and they had to make it or else"

I want that fire to create back. Sometimes I feel a spark here and there but it fizzles out easily.

You can find a few of his pieces on sale at by going to


Ampersand said...

I want that fire too!!

Collage-Life said...

Oh wow.
Checked out his entire Web site, from stem to stern.

The deepest part of me that so badly - longingly aching - to cut lose and create and just "be" with my art-making is on the verge of tears. Oddly familiar emotions going on... some distant birth wants to take place in me - but it's always shoved to the back.

Stupid, right?
Not many things in these 42 years have spoken so deeply to me, so directly: Make Your Noise. Shine That Light (you know the one). Stop Being So Afraid.

Thank you... thank you for posting him here. You were right: I like him.

Sentient Marrow said...

I'm glad you checked it out, collage. I swear, I am finding fear holds me back... fear that whatever I make will be mediocre. And, stress over the fact that i'll feel like whatever I make needs to be something that other people are willing to buy.